Stories for the End of Days

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Many years ago, I thought that my life’s work was going to be telling stories. I was going to write and publish novels.

That hasn’t happened. While I’ve learned that you can’t discount anything in this life (even a once in a Century plague, arriving right on time), I’m really content that I’ve spent two-thirds of a career in the classroom. I’m proud of the kids I’ve taught, and can’t wait to get back to the current crop once this cloud lifts.

I have done some writing, though.

While setting up my home studio to start teaching students online, I decided to record a couple of stories that I’ve written. Here they are.


Waking Up

My first words on waking up are “Is Linda ok?”
My wife’s name is Rose.

The Party

Henry looked up at her, and was able to find her attractive, though he didn’t feel particularly attracted to her.


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